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Stromae: his wife shares an adorable snapshot of their son who is celebrating his 4th birthday


It was on his Instagram account this Thursday, September 22, 2022 that Stromae’s wife, Coralie Barbier, shared an adorable snapshot of their son who was celebrating his 4th birthday.

Happy Birthday

This Thursday, September 22, 2022 was a special day for the interpreter of Papaoutai and his wife, Coralie Barbier: their son celebrated his 4th birthday!

In story, on her Instagram account, the mother then shared an adorable shot of the little boy, from behind, contemplating a rainbow through the window. A nice photo that the wife of Stromae captioned in these words: “The rainbow of our life is you. Happy birthday my little heart of infinity ».

Stromae: his wife shares an adorable snapshot of their son who is celebrating his 4th birthday

© Instagram/Coralie Barbier


As a reminder, Stromae and Coralie Barbier got married in December 2015 at Martin’s Patershof, in Mechelen, Belgium. The couple welcomed their first child, baby boy, in September 2018.

“One of the most beautiful things that happened to me was my son (…) It’s childhood, it’s life, yes. Say to yourself, when you get home: ‘Yeah, ok, there were interviews, stuff…’ Well, yes: the concerts are great. But afterwards, when we come home, and we just have to cook for him (…) it just brings us back to essential things ” evoked Stromae on France Inter in February 2022.

“My ability to be a good dad, I owe it above all to Coralie, my wife. My son is 3 years old, I protect him and I don’t even want to reveal his first name. We are very well in our small family nucleus. We listen to music all the time, and I’m an omnipresent dad.” he confided to Figaro in March 2022.

The identity of the little boy is kept secret… which does not prevent his parents from from time to time disclosing photos of their son on social networks. Without revealing his face, of course.

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