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Aquarius Horoscope – October 2022


The Sun in Libra at the beginning of the month will create harmony with Saturn in your sign. If you’ve been feeling blockages lately, it could make sense and work in your favor. The end of Mercury’s retrograde will take place on October 2 and you can start again. Open up to others and let the magic of encounters do the rest. With Venus in Libra, you could be a little more sensual and bubbly than usual. Even though it’s hard to talk about your feelings, remember that the body has a language. Thus, a charming temperament could animate you at the beginning of the month, which could also be an asset for all the negotiations that you will have to undertake. October 9 will be the full moon in the sign of Aries. In harmony with your sign, it evokes an awareness of your place in society. Your need for independence will be accentuated and highlight the idea that you need more. Be careful not to fall into eternal dissatisfaction, this full moon will help you decide on the different choices available to you. Mercury’s entry into Libra will accentuate your need for justice and will certainly allow you to enter into a commitment. Things will change from October 23 and the entry of the Sun into Scorpio which is accompanied by the resumption of the direct movement of Saturn in your sign. Social tensions could arise, which requires great vigilance from you at the beginning of the month, especially with regard to what you promise to others. Do not plan on the comet, the sign of Scorpio and its new moon of October 25 will come to push you to hide certain things. You won’t have to if you are clear from the start. To avoid putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation, prefer to say as little as possible. Your projects concern only you.

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