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Capricorn Horoscope – October 2022


The Sun in the sign of Libra does not put you in a comfortable position, as it is difficult for you to express your emotions and feelings. This period is still full of challenges and helps others to better understand your reactions. Do not remain on the defensive, from October 2, Mercury resumes a direct movement in the sign of Virgo, which will put a lot of pragmatism in your way of communicating, but you will do it easily! Things will get more intense around October 9 with the full moon in Aries conjunct Jupiter. The year 2022 did not spare you and this full moon comes as the apotheosis of eagerness. This is a time when you will certainly prefer to be in the background, but you will also have responsibilities to assume. It is the diplomacy and tact of Libra that will help you find a favorable outcome, without losing too much patience and therefore, without turning your backs. Mercury in Virgo could make you extremely critical and sometimes, even if you’re right, it doesn’t work in our favor. Jupiter will return to the sign of Pisces at the end of the month and will remain there until the end of December. Tensions will ease and you can take the time to plan things for 2023, especially in regards to your professional life. The Sun enters Scorpio on October 23, which will accentuate your determination but above all your self-discipline. This period, which will be followed by a new moon in Scorpio, invites you to lay low, not to say too much about your desires, except those that are related to your passions and your heart. The Scorpio sign is intense and does not hesitate to demonstrate its feelings through actions. This will awaken your protective instinct, pay attention to your surroundings, someone may need you.

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