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Delphine Colas (Large families): the mother of five reveals her shopping budget and gives advice on spending less


The one who is at the head of a family of five children answered a jumble of questions on her Instagram account this Monday, September 26, 2022. Among them, food shopping. How to save money when you have a large family?

Big family

Delphine and Olivier Colas are at the head of a family of five children. A large family that viewers find every week in Large families: Life in XXL on TF1but also on social networks, where the mother loves to share the daily life of her little tribe.

This Monday, September 26, 2022, Delphine Colas organized a Frequently Asked Questions on her Instagram account. The opportunity for Internet users to question the mother of five children and ask her to share some tips on managing a household… and in particular on the monthly budget devoted to food shopping.

Spend less

The former college professor has revealed the amount she spends every month on food purchases for her small tribe. “It depends, I would say around 200 euros/week when everyone eats at home. We do a lot ourselves, which reduces the note » she explained. Homemade, a simple habit, but which really saves money!

Advice that the mother of five children likes to share with her community on social networks. She, who has already gone to the United States with her small tribe, took advantage of her exchange to give a second piece of advice: that of exchanging her house to go on vacation at a lower cost! “I tidied up the house and our room, I’ll tell you why. We are looking to leave in exchange for houses. We’ve done it before, we’ve gone to San Francisco and San Diego in house swaps. We had a much worse house than the one we have now. And we managed to do two wonderful home exchanges. We managed to have a crazy vacation for zero euros, just the trip. We stayed with very nice Americans, they left us crazy houses, they trusted us with our children, even though they had no children” she detailed. Smart!

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