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Lemon in coffee: where to lose weight easily!


Lemon coffee or coffee-lemon has made the buzz on social networks. Miracle solution to lose weight quickly or false good idea? We investigated.


In August 2021, videos on social networks, and in particular on Tik Tok, launched the phenomenon. Backed by #lemoncoffee or #lemonandcoffeechallenge, Internet users were invited to take up the challenge. The goal then was to lose weight, a lot of weight. The principle, rather simple, is to dilute instant coffee in hot water and add the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon. Drink it all with an empty stomach would be even more effective. The mixture would thus make it possible to lose weight in a few weeks and, more specifically, toeliminate abdominal fat. If we are to believe Internet users, a few days were enough for some to observe spectacular results, particularly in the stomach area. If the idea is attractive, since it is very easy to implement, is it effective and safe for health?

Does it really work?

It could work. Indeed, drinking (tea, coffee, water, etc.) fills the stomach and therefore reduces feeling of hunger. However, it only lasts for a while. On the other hand, food remains important and these drinks cannot replace food and therefore a certain caloric intake. The power laxative coffee is a plus. If it is true that coffee helps to eliminate (in some people), it is not responsible for the loss of fat mass and therefore superfluous kilos. Finally, caffeine and lemon would both be fat burner effective. Moreover, find our article on the 10 advantages and disadvantages of the lemon diet. Therefore, the coffee-lemon mixture would be overpowering! Again, it doesn’t work that way. It would take huge amounts of caffeine to see the first effects appear and the fat-burning effect of lemon juice has never been scientifically demonstrated. On the other hand, its high content of vitamin C and potassiumamong other things, make it an undeniable ally for health.

The opinion of scientists

Pierre Dechelotte, president of the French-speaking society of clinical and metabolic nutrition, explains that the combination of coffee and lemon can be “aggressive for the mucous membrane” and “lead to digestive disorders”. We suspect it when we know the bitterness of coffee and the acidity in the mouth of lemon! Consuming this mixture is not a gift for our stomach and intestines. If some, more solid, will support the mixture well, others will get by with ulcers. Cécile Bétry, doctor and researcher in nutrition, recalls thatno scientific data does not confirm the effectiveness of the mixture in weight loss. Finally, Béatrice Dubern, pediatric nutritionist at Armand Trousseau Hospital, indicates that if the drink replaces a “normal” diet (such as breakfast for example), then the weight loss observed will not be not explained by the effectiveness of the drink, but by the decrease in caloric intake. There is therefore no significant weight loss aim in mixing these two foods. Worse, the risk incurred is a rapid loss of lean mass (ie muscle and not fat) which can lead to a risk of malnutrition. Followers of the method then truly put their health at risk.

One can also wonder about thepsychological impact of this type of challenge that promotes diets, however extreme they may be, and the need to lose weight. Platforms such as Tik Tok mainly target a young and impressionable audience, which only increases the danger. If the normal diet is replaced by this kind of mixture in order to lose weight, then there is a real health risk.

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