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Pisces Horoscope – October 2022


October promises to be a peaceful and restful time for your sign. The resumption of the direct movement of Mercury on October 2 will help you to put some things in the clear, which will relieve you enormously. Take advantage of this beginning of the month to check all your administrative and update yourself, it is likely that you are paying double services, such as insurance for example. Although uncomfortable, Mercury in Virgo invites you to put your nose in your finances and reorganize everything. You can enjoy this energy until October 11th. The full moon in Aries occurs on October 9, conjunct Jupiter. This period of questioning evokes your place in society, between the “me” and “the others”. It’s not selfish to think about you, and you don’t have to share all your plans with everyone. Keeping things to yourself is not treason. Mars in Gemini in your square could sometimes give you the impression that you only need to act collectively, but this is not true. Do not let yourself be influenced and keep the course you have set for yourself. This will be easier from October 23, when Saturn resumes direct motion and the Sun enters the sign of Scorpio. This Water energy will help you overcome the thoughts you may hear about yourself. You have a lot of strength to draw from your inner life and the new moon in Scorpio on October 25 will be the perfect time to surpass yourself. From October 30, Jupiter returns to your sign with all the luck and optimism it represents. You will regain confidence, remember that anything is possible, even if it takes time.

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