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Kosimetik Gentlemen: care for today’s man


A few years ago, the care of men’s skin, hair and appearance was not so thorough. But now, men are much more aware of this type of care because, although there is no fear of aging, there is always it’s important to look good.

The point is that there are many brands on the market, but most are dedicated to feminine care. What happens with this is that the texture and type of skin of women is different. In addition, shaving and hair care require a different treatment, which is why some of the feminine products or brands they are not as effective for men.

That is why we have decided to talk about Kosimetik Gentlemen, a brand designed by and for men with ideal products for the male public. This way you will have an easy and perfect hair care.

Hair care and treatment

Hair care and treatment
Photo of Elit Hair Transplant

For men, having abundant and healthy hair is very important, as it is youth symbol. The problem is that after a certain age, hair inevitably begins to fall out, especially if it is not given the necessary care. Read this: how to take care of a man’s hair. That is why Kosimetik Gentlemen has designed an idea line for hair care and some of its products are:

Sulfate Free Hair Shampoo

Being sulfate free, this shampoo will help decrease skin irritation. Best of all, it will work for any type of hair, including the most sensitive. In addition, this is a product free of alcohol, parabens, paraffin, petroleum jelly, silicone, DEA and MEA.

To increase its properties, it includes some natural ingredients such as lemon grass, rosemary, sage and wakame.

Leave in Conditioner

For after washing with the shampoo, you need a good conditioner and this is a soft emulsion that achieves smooth hair leaving it more manageable, facilitating combing. This one is also free of alcohol, dyes, formaldehyde, parabens, mineral oils, silicone and sulfates. And among its ingredients are lemon, marjoram, grapefruit and wakame.

Universal Scalp Active

Hair loss affects a large number of men in the world, but this problem can be solved with this product because it manages to penetrate quickly and thanks to its ingredients it can reduce hair lossthe development of microbial agents, minimizes the production of bait and has a calming effect.

beard care

beard care
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A few years ago few men had a beard, but over time it became fashionable and everyone wants to have one. What happens is that the beard you have to take care of it as much or more than the hairfor this reason Kosimetik has developed these products:

Blend beard oil

This is a product designed to keep your skin and your beard very well hydrated. Among its ingredients are almond oil, coconut oil, kukui oil, bergamot, petigrain and vitamin E. In addition, it is a product free of alcohol, formaldehyde, parabens, silicone and sulfates.

Bear Ointment

If you want to keep your beard healthy, this ointment will help you as it improves the hydration and nutrition of this area while giving it a very good smell. By applying it, you can shape the beard and some texture, but not oily or overly hard.

Some of its ingredients are almond, coconut and kukui oil, begamotabeeswax, cocoa and shea butter, petigrain, vetiver and vitamin E

Solid Soap “Hand Made”

You cannot wash your beard with ordinary soap because you will do a lot of damage to it. For this reason, this soap, which has different oils such as kukui, to improve hydration and bergamot to help with the smell, will leave your clean and neat beard. You can use it to wash your face and beard, but also for shaving with a brush.

Transparent Shave

Although shaving foams are the most common, they are not the most recommended. These, being white, do not let us see how much and what we are shaving, so it is easier to make mistakes. But that’s no problem with this transparent, non-foaming shaving gel that provides a high lubrication for shaving less invasively and with greater precision.

hair styling products

hair styling products
Photo of Elit Hair Transplant

Finding a perfect product to comb your hair is not easy. Some are too oily, others leave the hair excessively stiff or end up mistreating it. To avoid all this, the brand has created a line to style your hair that will leave you with a excellent finish while protecting your hair.

Black Paste

The Black Paste is an ideal product for give hair texture and volume. The best thing is that she has a matte finish, so you won’t worry about your hair looking dirty. In addition, it has extra strong hold, so you can be styled throughout the day without losing its shape and it is suitable for medium and short length hair.

Fixing Pomade

If you prefer a satin effect in your hairstyles, this micro-emulsion is perfect as it will help you comb your hair giving your hair texture. It can be used on medium and long hair, with a extra strong hold and fixation that will last all day. Applying it is very simple, you just have to place it in the palms of your hands, distribute it and place it on dry or damp hair to shape it.

Snow Texture

The matte effect is one of my favorites and with this product it can be achieved. Applying it is very simple, since it is done as if it were a gel, but its final texture is not the same. It will serve to give hair texture and volume maintaining the hairstyle for more hours.

Shine Brilliantine

In case you want to give your hair a wet and shiny effect, this glitter will serve you. It is a water-based product that will help you define hairstyles, especially if you are looking for a retro style. The fixation of this product is medium and can be used on any occasion. It can also be applied to dry or damp hair.

Skin care

Skin care
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The skin of our face is so important that it deserves to have specially designed products for this area. Both for day-to-day and post-shave skin care. And Kosimetik Gentlemen has two jewels that we show you below:

instant lifting

By applying this product to your face, it will give your skin a long-lasting, self-tightening effect. By using it you will leave skin tight and smooth giving the appearance of being much younger and fresher. This product is free of formaldehyde, alcohol, silicone and sulfates. And among its ingredients is sugar, vegetable glycerin, xanthan gum and sorghum juice.

Anti Age Potion

Finally, we have this product that promises to give freshness, radiance, pleasure and dynamism to the skin. It’s a pretty smooth cream. fast absorbing, extra moisturizing and light that will not leave a feeling of heaviness or oiliness on the face. It can be applied every day after washing the face or shaving and, thanks to its high content of Pink Grapefruit, it will promote cell regeneration.

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