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Aquarius Horoscope – November 2022


The sign of Scorpio is in dissonance with your sign, which promises an intense and possibly explosive start to the month. Indeed, Mercury and Venus accompany the Sun in Scorpio, which indicates misunderstandings on the social level but also in your intimate life. Avoid unnecessary trips at the beginning of the month if possible, as you may lack attention and tend to lose your belongings. The retrograde of Mars began at the end of October in the sign of Gemini, which accentuates your potential for error and lack of discernment vis-à-vis others. This is in line with the will of Scorpio: to bring you to focus on your inner life. So you could spend more time at home and enjoy the warmth of your home. Venus in Scorpio suggests a strong passion but also a stimulated libido at the beginning of the month. As a couple or single, the desire to build and move forward together could turn into an obsession, which will tend to exhaust you if you don’t control this instinct. The full moon in the sign of Taurus takes place on November 8, in conjunction with Uranus. Thus, something has to change with regard to your relationship with finances but also with work. You may need to breathe and severe fatigue may occur around this date. The month will improve with Venus and Mercury entering Sagittarius on November 16-17. In tune with your sign, you might feel a relief as if a weight were lifting off your shoulders. Scorpio season evokes questioning and the full moon of the 8 invites you to change something in your routine. When you’ve settled into your new habits, you’ll be ready for Sagittarius season, which kicks off on November 22, followed by the new moon in that same sign on November 23. Take the opportunity to make a new start in line with your ideals, you may be planning a trip during this period.

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