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Cancer Horoscope – November 2022


Scorpio shares the Water element with your sign, which considerably strengthens your strength but also your grounding. In the sign of Scorpio, the Sun illuminates a need to take root and confront one’s inner demons. So, at the beginning of the month, you could act very courageously, without necessarily realizing it. Excesses and a minimization of danger are possible, so you must be careful not to let yourself be carried away by too much idealism, especially for the natives of the last decan, with the return of Jupiter at the end of the sign of Pisces. On November 8, the full moon will take place in the sign of Taurus, in conjunction with Uranus. It evokes a need to change something in your routine, even in your home. Thus, an unforeseen expense, work or news that accentuates the trail of a move could occur. You will have strong nerves and the Scorpio energy will allow you to experience these unexpected events in a mature and serious way. With Jupiter in Pisces, you will have all the energy you need to carry out your undertakings, but you will have to be careful not to disperse yourself, especially from November 17 with the entry of Mercury into Sagittarius. You could have 1001 ideas per second and it would be a shame to rush too much. On the heart side, Venus in Scorpio evokes passion but also possessiveness. You could face jealousy in your union, remember that communication is essential to avoid overflows. On November 16, Venus will enter Sagittarius, then the Sun on November 22. This season promises to be a little stressful, especially with the arrival of the end of year celebrations. Do not put pressure on yourself and do not hesitate to delegate your responsibilities, whether in your family or professional life.

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