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Capricorn horoscope – November 2022


The season of Scorpio is extremely favorable for your sign because it accentuates your determination and reinforces the natural authority that you know how to impose. Thus, it is difficult to change your mind during this period, which will require common sense and objectivity. The stubbornness caused by this configuration can lead you to great successes, but you are on the wrong track, you will tend to get bogged down in problems. The full moon of November 8 will be in the sign of Taurus in conjunction with Uranus and it will invite you to put simplicity but also comfort in your daily life. If you have a large expense to make, it is possible that around this date, you will have the opportunity to make an even better deal. Patience will be the key word for this beginning of the month. With the return of Jupiter in Pisces, you will benefit from a strong inspiration, especially through learning that comes to you from the past. Thus, it is important not to make the same mistakes. On November 16 and 17, Venus and Mercury will enter the sign of Sagittarius, which will require you to let go a little, but above all, a very strong guiding line linked to your principles and your morals. The beginning of the month will be intense and you could easily give in to impulsiveness, because you will lack self-control, especially with the retrograde of Mars in Gemini. Thus, the Sagittarius period, which will officially begin on November 22 with the entry of the Sun into this sign of Fire, will mark an opportunity for you to soften things up but also to take time for yourself. You may be planning a trip and the new moon in Sagittarius on November 22 will invite you to a new beginning linked to independence and optimism. Do not see the glass half empty and avoid comparing yourself to your loved ones during this month of November.

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