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Here is THE worst snack to eat if you want to lose weight


It is not because we have reached adulthood that we can do without a snack. By desire or by need, it is not contraindicated to have a snack in the afternoon. It can even be a moment of sharing with the children who will take advantage of this moment to tell you about their day. However, do not fall for the first cookie that comes along. Some snacks are much less recommended if you want to lose weight. We take stock with you.

Why have a snack?

The snack can be essential in a day. Rather than cracking several times a day for candies, chocolate bars, crisps and other products not really recommended when you want to lose weight, it is better to allow yourself a real snack between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. This way, you will have better control of your calorie intake day and can better manage snacking. It is also a good source ofenergy after a tiring day. The snack helps to avoid the mid-afternoon fatigue and to remain effective until the end of the day. Nutritionists recommend waiting about 4 hours between each meal. Depending on what time you had lunch, it is therefore not surprising to be hungry in the afternoon. At the office or at home, a snack will allow you to reboost you. Moreover, it’s a real moment of pause which can allow you to clarify your ideas and take a step back from this issue which is causing you so much concern. Taking time to decompress decreases stress and increases efficiency.

What’s the worst snack?

We won’t teach you anything by telling you that the industrial cakes are the worst snacks. The magazine 60 million consumers regularly looks at the best and the worst products. After a survey of 24 snacks (filled cakes, covered with chocolate, fruit or biscuits), the result is clear, by consuming 50 g (i.e. approximately 2 biscuits), we absorb on average 14 g of sugar which corresponds to 30% of the daily needs. Thus, the Strawberry Doodingues of Casino® explode the counter with more than 20 g of sugar per cookie. But sugar is not the only problem. the salt is also present in significant quantities (notably in the Choco Pépites of Milka®), them additives lengthen the list of ingredients (Kinder Délices® and Lulu the Pooh®), them saturated fatty acids accelerate weight gain (milk chocolate shortbread biscuits from Bonne Maman® and Granola de Lu®). Finally, the spotlight is given to sweetenerswhich is not ideal since they maintain the appetite for sugar, as in the Goûters strawberry fondant heart P’tit Délice® (from the E. Leclerc brand). Of the 24 products scrutinized, 17 obtained a score lower than 10/20. It is therefore preferable to avoid them at snack time.

What can we eat at snack time?

A good snack can look like a mini breakfast. Moreover, to start the day well, it is essential to balance your breakfast. The snack should represent 250 to 300 calories. You can therefore allow yourself a hot drink, a fruit or compote, and a portion of starchy foods (bread or homemade cake). A dairy product may optionally be added. For the sweet taste, slip a square of dark chocolate (or two!) into your bread or a little honey. If your preference is savory, a piece of light cheese in a piece of bread will satisfy your hunger. Cottage cheese with two teaspoons of oat bran will have a strong satiating power. You can also add muesli to it. Finally, snack time can be an opportunity to eat a handful of nuts (hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios…), without salt and without sugar of course!

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