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Leo Horoscope – November 2022


The sign of Scorpio is not in harmony with Leo and the presence of the Sun, Mercury and Venus in this Water sign during the first part of the month will require you to exercise control. You want to move forward, your ambitions are great and at the same time, you are afraid of being manipulated and losing control. The season of Scorpio seeks to get you out of your comfort zone and above all to detach yourself from the gaze of others. Thus, the presence of Mercury in this sign invites you to communicate less about your intentions and your projects. Observation is favored and it seems preferable to bet on discretion. Moreover, in love, Venus in Scorpio could awaken long-buried passions and impulses. You have a lot to share with your partner if you are in a relationship. The full moon in the sign of Taurus on November 8 will square Saturn in Aquarius and conjunct Uranus. Around this date, you may feel very tired. Financial and certainly professional questions will arise and you may feel that your stability is hanging by a thread. In reality, it just means you can’t control everything. It is possible that some people seek to compete with you, do not react to these childishness. Sagittarius season will begin on November 22, following the entry of Venus and Mercury into this same sign. This period announces the end of the year festivities and you could feel a strong need to detach yourself from everyday life. Give yourself a getaway and days off to find yourself. The new moon in Sagittarius on November 23 will invite you to make something official, whether on a professional or personal level.

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