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Libra Horoscope – November 2022


The presence of the Sun, Mercury and Venus in the sign of Scorpio will tend to strengthen your tenacity. Thus, it will be very difficult to convince you of approximate things. This will allow you to better understand the people around you and to learn to keep some mystery about your intentions. Venus in Scorpio strengthens libido, passion but also creativity, only if you agree to confront your inner demons. Thus, intimacy will take a very important place during this month, even if you are single. On November 8, the full moon in the sign of Taurus will conjunct Uranus. This can announce an unforeseen event and a change in connection with your finances but also your place of life. You might want renewal and Jupiter in Pisces invites you to an expansion directly related to your dreams. The difficulty will lie in not rushing and prioritizing your actions and projects. On November 16, Venus enters the sign of Sagittarius. It will be followed by Mercury on the 17th and by the Sun on the 22nd. You will then enter a favorable period for meetings and social expansion. Thus, your negotiation skills will be stimulated, which will give you the impression of being irresistible and that no one can resist you. With Mars in Gemini, although retrograde, you will have the energy to act on your desires and you are likely to get what you want. The difficulty will be in not spreading yourself too thin and letting the Sagittarius energy take over reason. The new moon in Sagittarius on November 23 will invite you to make a new start which can be related to a journey or a learning. Moreover, a formal event such as a wedding or baptism could change your life. Above all, do not stay in your corner and go out as much as possible.

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