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Pisces Horoscope – November 2022


The season of Scorpio intervenes for your sign, like the opportunity to set the record straight. Thus, Mercury, Venus and the Sun in Scorpio will be there to bring you not to let go of your aspirations. Your productivity will be increased tenfold and harmony with Neptune and Jupiter, which are currently transiting your sign, will give you the opportunity to create opportunities for yourself. It is therefore with passion and determination that you are advised to start this month of November. If you had any doubts, they seem to dissipate little by little and Mercury in Scorpio accentuates your powers of observation. No detail will escape you, so you could act as an ally for many people. From November 16, Venus will enter Sagittarius which could blind you, especially financially. Avoid selling the skin of the ox before you have killed it, or you could find yourself in trouble. The consistency established during Scorpio season doesn’t have to come to an abrupt end when Sagittarius season kicks off on November 22. You share with this sign of Fire a powerful attraction for beliefs and spirituality, which can sometimes tend to disconnect you too much from reality and put you in the mind that things will necessarily be easy. You will have to find a happy medium, especially since Mars retrograde in the sign of Gemini could lead you to act in all directions. Your optimism must not lead you down the path of unconsciousness and irresponsibility. To overcome this, the new moon in Sagittarius on November 23 will invite you to make a fresh start by linking your realism and your beliefs. Thus, your philosophy of life will be nourished by achievable ambitions but above all, but a way forward. Scorpio season is perfect for making your plans for the next few months. The hardest part will be sticking to it, but you have every chance on your side to achieve your goals, especially during the first quarter of 2023.

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