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Scorpio Horoscope – November 2022


The Sun, Mercury and Venus are in your sign at the beginning of the month, which will allow you to tune your mind, your desires and your vital energy. With the presence of Jupiter in Pisces, the first part of this month of November seems to be optimal for an evolution, regardless of the area in which you want to see a change. Opposed to Uranus, this configuration suggests that you will experience many surprises. Although it does not bring joy, as long as you need to be in control, you must learn to adapt to certain situations. The questioning symbolized by your sign and by this full moon could lead you to have a completely different outlook on finances but also on work. Do not forget that Jupiter in Pisces invites an expansion in line with your beliefs but also your dreams. Thus, many questions could arise and make you take certain things back to the beginning. From November 16, Venus will leave your sign to enter the sign of Sagittarius, which will allow you to let go, especially in your life as a couple, it is possible that you needed a lot of attention during the first part of the month. On November 17 and 22, Mercury and the Sun will enter Sagittarius, which will strengthen your ambition but will lead you to formalize certain things. A declaration of love, an official commitment or even telling a loved one your four truths, all of this could naturally be put in place at the end of the month. The new moon in Sagittarius on November 22 suggests that you make a new start in connection with intellectual evolution. Thus, you could feel the urge to escape, to cultivate yourself, to travel or to train yourself in a new subject or activity. Uranus opposite the Sun for most of the month will give you many questions, do not hesitate to support your thoughts with the advice of someone you trust.

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