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Serge Lama in pain: the singer confides in the end of his career


In the show seven to eight broadcast on TF1 this Sunday, October 30, 2022, Serge Lama spoke about the end of his career.

“My body hurts me a lot”

Last September, Serge Lama announced sad news at the microphone of RTL : the end of his career. On the occasion of the release of his 24th studio album To likereleased in stores on October 7, the 79-year-old singer admitted to suffering a lot (since he was seriously injured in a car accident in 1965) and then considering ending his career.

“You have to know that we get older, that my body makes me suffer a lot, that I have a lot of problems inherent in the passage of time and that here, there is a moment, you have to know how to stop rather than being stopped “ he had declared.

“An 80-year-old man on a stage is ridiculous”

This Sunday, October 30, 2022, the broadcast of TF1 seven to eight dedicated its portrait of the week to the artist. The opportunity for the latter to evoke once again the end of his career. As a reminder, in January 2021, Serge Lama gave up the scene by canceling his farewell tour.

“I hurt all the time. I fell several times and at 77/78 years old, I wondered what more I was going to be able to do on stage and why I wanted to go there again. I have a wonderful wife, I’m lucky, I’m happy… What more could I have done on stage? I looked myself in the face and that’s what made me give up my farewell tour ” he said before adding: “An 80-year-old man on stage is ridiculous. I made this decision because I no longer want and because I can no longer”.

“I believe that there is a superior force and this force needs us humans to go through with what, for me, has already been an ordeal since I was 22 years old. I have to live this ordeal to the end and I assure. It’s my duty to you to fight to the end.” he concluded.

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