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Becoming a psychologist: 8 to 9 years of university and limited access to the doctorate yet required (Quebec)


Some 2,000 new students undertake each year a bachelor’s degree in psychology (equivalent to a license in France) in a Quebec university.

But less than one in six will have access to a doctorate, which is compulsory for the right to practice as a psychologist, reports journalist Louise Leduc in The Press.

The students find themselves in a crazy competition, underlines Hélène David, who was a professor of psychology at the University of Montreal, then vice-rector and Minister of Higher Education.

The doctorate is obtained after 8 to 9 years of university studies, recalls the president of the Order of Psychologists, Christine Grou.

It has been mandatory since 2006 to become a psychologist in Quebec. But this decision did not go hand in hand with the addition of professors in the universities.

Before enrolling, young people know that they will have to go as far as a doctorate to become psychologists, notes the Association of Students in Psychology of the University of Montreal (AGEEPUM). “But it is only once admitted that they realize that even a perfect report may not be enough, as their department informs them during information sessions, once their schooling begins.“.

Admission to the doctorate does not represent the end of difficulties and worries. For example, for 2023, hundreds of psychologists and neuropsychologists in the public network are threatening to boycott the supervision of interns and interns, following many years of demands for better working conditions.

More information in The Press : Imbalance in Psychology.

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