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Léa (Star Academy): in tears, the candidate confides in her discomfort with Slimane


In the daily life of star Academy this Tuesday, November 1, 2022, Léa confided in her discomfort which has handicapped her since the beginning of the adventure. The student was able to find an attentive ear in the person of Slimane.

surprise arrival

In the daily life of star Academy this Tuesday, November 1, 2022, young talents had the chance to have lessons with… the singer Slimane! If the students were actively preparing for their assessments, they indeed had a visit from Vitaa’s acolyte, who had come to the castle to offer them a masterclass.

The opportunity for Léa to confide in the discomfort that has been eating away at her on a daily basis since the beginning of the adventure. It was at the end of Slimane’s intervention that the young woman asked him to speak to her alone.

Confidences with an open heart

“Earlier, you touched me when you said that before, you hated yourself. And since I’ve been here, it’s been happening every day, morning, noon, snack and evening, I hate myself” she said, in tears. “I’m always being funny, helping them and everything, but it’s so hard. You said that the day you learned to love yourself, to see yourself beautiful, how did you go from that to that? I have difficulties to understand ” she wondered in front of Slimane.

What the singer, trying to reassure her, told her before taking her in his arms: “In two weeks, you can see that you are changing. Where we are lucky is that we make music. In life, you are always on your own. Learn to be your best friend ».

A few minutes later, viewers were able to find Léa in the confessional. And the artist seems to have found the right words to soothe the anxieties of the young student. “I feel very strong. If Slimane experienced it and got out of it, it’s clear that I’m going to get out of it too. I really have hope” indeed revealed Léa.

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