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15 slimming recipe ideas with December fruits (1/16)


Clementines, passion fruit, kiwis, lychees and grapefruit are the top 5 fruits for December. They are the perfect ingredients for both sweet and savory recipes. Rich in vitamins and minerals, these are the best seasonal fruits. Vitamin C helps fight fatigue and winter viruses. The ideal is to consume them raw or just squeezed, but they are also delicious in many recipes. Grapefruit, in particular, is very low in calories since it only provides 42 kcal per 100 g. However, its consumption is not recommended if you are taking certain medications. Ask your doctor for advice.

At breakfast, the porridge-style smoothie bowl with soy, kiwi, banana, clementine, apple and pomegranate is totally seasonal. For lunch, many salads provide vitamin C and all the energy you need to end the day. Prepare a crab salad with kiwi and grapefruita spinach, grapefruit, avocado and sesame seed salad or one tabbouleh with grapefruit and raisins that you can take to the office. Delicious sweet and savory dishes will surprise your guests this holiday season. So discover the salmon steak with clementinesthe cod with passion fruit by Cuisine light & others and the mille-feuilles of rice, avocado, grapefruit and smoked salmon. For dessert, bet on a light crème brûlée flavored with clementine or one slimming tiramisu with lychees, cocoa and fromage blanc 0% so as not to break your diet. Also test the slimming cheesecake with orange, clementines and cottage cheesethe kiwi clafoutisthe slimming crumble with almond powder and lychees or even the diet chocolate muffin with lychee heart. They are savored as much at the end of a good meal as during a snack. Finally, a grapefruit, lemon and mint fat-burning herbal tea accompanied by a few lychee, rose and white chocolate flavored sugar-free macaroons will allow you to decompress during the long winter weekends.

Here is 15 slimming recipe ideas with December fruits.

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