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7 naughty gift ideas for Christmas


No need to wait for Valentine’s Day to shower your sweetheart with sexy gifts: Christmas is also a special occasion and the perfect time to honor love! But despite a wide choice of gifts available on the Internet and in stores, it is sometimes difficult to get started. So here is our best selection of naughty gifts to help you find THE perfect gift and fulfill yourself sexually!

The homemade rascality notebook

You have a small budget, but you have a big heart and a huge desire? Show it to your partner by offering him a homemade naughty notebook! To do this, all you have to do is buy a nice notebook, then fill the pages with the vouchers of your choice. Erotic massage, role-playing, favorite position, naughty evening… This notebook has only one goal: to please your spouse! He or she can then use one or more vouchers as soon as the desire arises!

A naughty book

A fan of literature? Opt for a little erotic book! To relax, arouse your curiosity and try new things, there’s nothing like a little naughty reading! Are you more of a classic? Offer him the unbeatable Kâma-Sûtra. Do you prefer adventure and sexual discoveries? Opt for Jouissance club, a playful and LGBTQIA+ sex education manual! Would you like to explore a more spiritual sexuality? La Foufoune cosmique will meet your expectations! Passionate about illustrations? You can also raise the temperature with the designs of Petites luxures.

A safe bet: the state-of-the-art vibrator

A new generation of sex toys has recently invaded women’s beds: clitoral stimulators. The advantage? They undeniably provide pleasure to your partner when she is alone, but they also allow you to spice up the marital bed! And if you are nature lovers, there are even ecological sex toys!

A subscription to a feminist pornography platform

Admittedly, pornography doesn’t really get a good press when it comes to equality between women and men. But this is not inevitable, since for a few years now, a new type of pornography has been developing: feminist porn! Need inspiration? Offer him a membership for the site xconfessions.com. Created by director Erika Lust, these pornographic films are as exciting as they are artistic. A great way to combine aesthetic and sexual pleasure!

A night in a hotel

It is sometimes difficult to maintain the desire after months or years of living together. The best remedy? Break the routine and seduce yourself like on the first day. So, to get out of everyday life, offer him a night in a hotel! You can then give the evening the turn of your choice: pretend you are meeting for the first time or bask in a bath full of rose petals. It’s up to you to imagine what this magical night will look like!

A naughty board game

There are more and more naughty games. Sex dice, board games, disguises, card games… If you are looking for original and ardent gift ideas, erotic games will make you happy!

Quality intimate moments

If some couples have a habit of getting frequent massages, this is not the case for everyone. Still, massaging your partner is a great way to nurture a carnal connection and nurture your mutual love. Take advantage of a weekend or a romantic evening to bring out the big game: light a massage candle, put on soft music, offer him to lie down comfortably and choose from a selection of massage oils. This little gift first offers a precious moment of relaxation… which often turns into a torrid parenthesis!

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