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Julien’s brother (Star Academy) speaks about the nominees of the week: “Do not vote”


Julien escaped the nominations this Wednesday, November 2, 2022 in the star Academy. His brother, Mathieu Canaby, did not hide his joy on social networks.

Escaping the nominations

The favorite candidate of viewers and Internet users escaped the nominations this week! Indeed, Julien does not risk being eliminated at the end of the bonus of the star Academy this Saturday November 5th. A relief for his big brother, Mathieu Canaby, former candidate for the New star, who did not hide his joy on social networks.

This is the first time that Julien has not been named by his teachers! After being drafted twice by the public during the live broadcasts, the 20-year-old teamed up with Anisha for this week’s judging which saw him skip the nominees’ bench!


On his Instagram account this Wednesday, November 2, 2022, his big brother spoke about these appointments. Delighted to learn that Tiana, Léa, Carla and Paola have been named, and not his little brother, Mathieu Canaby shared a video on the social network in which he films his television and declares with a second degree: ” Well, don’t vote this week! “.

“In real life, you vote for whoever you want” he added. If the singer does not need to vote to save his little brother, he still made it known that he will send “a small vote “, because he was not ” not totally neutral”.

Who of the four named will decide to save Julien’s big brother?

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