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7 tips to limit weight gain during the holiday season (1/7)


Do you receive your guests? Opt for delicious light recipes. The guests will not notice anything and you can enjoy the evening without feeling guilty. As a starter, carpaccios and tartars are good options. Mixtures of raw vegetables bring fibers without moving the needle of the scale. For the main course, poultry is lower in calories than other meats. That’s good, it’s time to cook turkey or capon! Fish and seafood are also very good choices. Prefer cooking on the grill, roasted or in court-bouillon. If you absolutely want to make a cream sauce, choose a 0% cream. Still prefer to use spices and aromatic herbs to enhance your dishes. Before moving on to dessert, don’t forget to slip a few light cheeses onto the platter. You can then help yourself to a piece of fresh goat cheese or Neufchâtel. Finally, give up the Christmas log with pastry cream. Iced sorbet logs, fruit salads or cooked fruit will surprise your guests. You can also make a light cheesecake or a revisited charlotte.

If you are invited, you can, for example, remove the skin from the turkey or the capon to reduce your fat consumption. If smoked salmon is served as a starter, eat it with a small piece of bread, but avoid the thick layer of butter. Do not refuse the foie gras, but be satisfied with a small piece. Are there several accompaniments? Prefer vegetables, take only a small portion of starchy foods and avoid fried products! Finally, if 13 desserts are offered to you during Christmas Eve, take a small handful of nuts, eat an orange, but limit yourself to candied fruits, nougats and other overly sweet delicacies.

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