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Cindy Crawford in fine lingerie: the 56-year-old top model reveals her body and causes a sensation!


It was on her Instagram account this Wednesday, November 2, 2022 that Cindy Crawford caused a sensation. The supermodel has indeed published several unpublished photos of a recent shoot that she carried out in undress.

Photo shooting

Cindy Crawford’s career is far from over. The 56-year-old supermodel continues to pose on magazine covers, sexier than ever. Recently, the model did a photo shoot for the American magazine High Living. Snapshots that the pretty brunette shared on her Instagram account this Wednesday, November 2, 2022, literally causing a sensation!

And for good reason ! In the first photo, the model poses in the most delicate black lingerie. It is with a confident gaze, in the distance, and natural hair that the supermodel sits on a bed.

To make a sensation

In the second photo, Cindy Crawford stands leaning against a wall, wearing a white bodysuit, a black satin shirt and a pair of pointed pumps in the same tones. A shot on which the supermodel, all smiles, is irresistibly sparkling and glamorous.

Finally, in the third image, the model poses standing facing a wall, dressed in a jacket with a plunging neckline and a long, tight black skirt. A set that particularly highlights the shapes of the top model…

Decidedly, Cindy Crawford has lost none of her superb… and leaves no one indifferent! In commentary to its publication, Internet users commented en masse on the photos, captivated by the charm and beauty of the model.

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