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Sheepskin jacket: how to wear it and how to take care of it?


Already on trend for several years, the sheepskin jacket is once again becoming the must-have jacket for this fall winter 2022. Warm and comforting, it is the ultra cocooning jacket to adopt without hesitation, especially with the drop in temperatures. In this article, we explain how to choose it, wear it, wash it and remove pilling. And as a bonus, we’ve selected 5 ultra inspiring looks for you to wear this jacket in style! Decryption!

To choose the right sheepskin jacket, it is important to choose it of good quality. Yes, a cheap sheepskin jacket can give you a neglected look. You will find models in CANON shearling at Balzac, La Redoute, Scotch & Soda, Ba&sh, Mango and Zara.

Maintaining your sheepskin jacket is essential to keep it in good condition for a long time. For this, it is not recommended to put it in the washing machine. On the other hand, there is no If it collects dust, you can vacuum it. Air your jacket often in the open air to ventilate the fibres.
If there is a stain, clean it as soon as possible with a damp cloth and a little Marseille soap. Rub gently so as not to damage the fibres. You can then rinse it with lukewarm water and dry it naturally at room temperature.
If your jacket is very dirty, then take it to the dry cleaners so as not to damage your jacket.

To avoid pilling, we advise you not to wash your jacket too often at the risk of damaging it and wearing it out. If there are already pilling, we advise you to use a fine comb, such as a fine-toothed lice comb, for example. Gently pass it over your shearling jacket so as not to damage it. You can also remove the pilling, one by one, by hand, to keep it intact. For even more tips, discover our article to avoid pilling!

For an easy look, adopt this jacket, perfect for this fall, with bootcut jeans and a thin sweater. To feminize the look, you can also wear the shearling jacket over a long floral dress or a pretty short dress.
But beware, this piece is definitely trendy, it is not the most figure-flattering. This is why we advise you to associate it with rather fitted and feminine pieces. Avoid wearing it with chunky, wide-knit sweaters or pants that are a little too baggy. If you’re tall, you’ll have no problem carrying it. If you are petite, preferably choose a model that is not too oversized and short. To help you wear this piece in style, discover our selection of 5 hot looks to copy without hesitation.

Zoom on 5 looks with a sheepskin jacket to inspire you!

#1 A BCBG look with a sheepskin jacket

For a chic look, opt for a cardigan-style shearling jacket. We love the combination of this jacket with wide jeans and little ballerina flats. Accessorize this look with a small leather bag and maxi golden earrings to sophisticate the outfit.

#2 A glamorous look with a sheepskin jacket

For a sexy look, pair the sheepskin jacket with a little black dress and maxi leather boots. The sheepskin jacket is the ideal piece to break the too sexy of an evening outfit, for example. We love the mini bag worn under the arm and the XXL jewelry for a glamorous look.

#3 A rock look with a long sheepskin jacket

Do you prefer the Rock & Roll style? Pair your sheepskin jacket with ultra-trendy faux leather pants. The mix and match of materials is ideal for creating a sharp outfit. Adopt leather boots and a few accessories to finish the look in style.

#4 A look inspired by the sixties with a sheepskin jacket

This season, the trend is sixties. We then associate our sheepskin jacket with flare pants and white leather boots.

#5 A casual look with a sheepskin jacket

For an effective and hot look, opt for a look in neutral off-white and black tones. We love this original jacket with its camel leather pocket.

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