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Daniel Lévi: his widow Sandrine confides in his life since his death


It was during a recent interview with the magazine Here is that Sandrine Lévi confided in her life since the death of her husband, singer Daniel Lévi, who died last August of colon cancer.

Colon Cancer

On August 6, Daniel Lévi died at the age of 60 from colon cancer. A few weeks earlier, the singer had become a father for the fourth time… On September 6, Sandrine Lévi revealed the name of the little girl who unfortunately knew her dad very little. On the late artist’s Instagram account, she wrote: “I would have liked so much that my husband was there and reveals the first name of our daughter to you… He composed it himself, as he did with great talent for his music. It is with strong emotion that I do this for him, for us today…“NESSYEL” (Miracle of Hashem)”.


A few days ago, Sandrine Lévi confided in her life since the death of the interpreter of Moïse in the musical The ten Commandmentsduring an interview with the magazine Here is. And especially on the education she gives to their little Nessyel since the disappearance of her father.

“I talk to her about her dad since she was born with a lot of love. Our princess, as he said, wakes up to music and falls asleep to music. It’s important that she hears his voice. She looks so much like him. I am as close to her as I am to him.” she said before adding: “He was humble, generous, benevolent with his audience and the sincere expression that characterizes him in his interpretations. He always says his audience is his heart’s family as they are to me today.”.

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