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Enola (Star Academy) in tears: this sequence that upset internet users


In the daily life of star Academy broadcast on TF1 this Friday, November 4, 2022, Enola let herself be overwhelmed by emotion by confiding her doubts linked to youth complexes to Professor Yanis Marshall. A sequence that particularly upset internet users…

Fourth bounty

If a single student of the star Academy will have the chance to sign a contract with a record company and win a check for € 100,000, there are still ten to claim victory this Saturday, November 5, 2022, namely Anisha, Carla, Chris, Enola, Julien, Léa , Louis, Paola, Stanislas and Tiana. A fourth bonus broadcast from 9:10 p.m. on TF1 during which young talents will once again have to sing alongside French artists.

In the daily program broadcast this Friday, November 4, the ten students chained the rehearsals on the eve of the bonus. If Enola prepared to sing a duet with Elodie Frégé, she let herself be overwhelmed by emotion, literally bursting into tears in front of Yanis Marshall.


While discussing with the teacher, the student confided in his doubts related to complexes of youth. An anguish that she could not contain and which totally upset her. “I was very complexed younger. I didn’t dare go to the painting because we were going to see my buttocks » she said.

In tears, the young Bordelaise moved the viewers, many to react on Twitter. “On the other hand, Énola, she pains me too much, bichette, you are our star, I hope she will see how she is supported and the community she has when she leaves Star Ac”, “It’s crazy how people manage to make you complex for nothing, Énola it’s because we made her feel that she didn’t have enough curves, and me the opposite! », “Enola, I understand her so much, it’s really hard to let go and have confidence in that regard”can we read in particular.

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