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Why are we still hungry the day after a big holiday meal?


You had a great evening. The meal was gargantuan and yet when you woke up you were already hungry. It’s hard to understand when it’s only been a few hours since your last slice of dessert. There are many explanations for this. We reveal them to you in this article and we offer you, as a bonus, some tips for making the right choices and not gaining too much weight during the holidays.

The stomach cries out for hunger

The stomach is elastic and changes its shape according to our nutrition. Also, it is wrong to think that the more you eat, the more it expands. It is actually necessary to repeat the operation several times for this to have a real impact on the size of our stomach. Even after a large meal, it returns to its original size. In truth, it is mainly the hormones of digestion that are responsible for the feeling of hunger and satiety. These hormones are sensitive to several factors, including meal times. We therefore tend to be hungry when we wake up, regardless of the meal eaten the day before. Moreover, after a hearty holiday meal, the body burns many calories to digest food. In the morning, the body is therefore lacking in energy and the only way to refuel is to eat. To meet this need, your body will push you towards fat and sugar and, often, towards fast food! To avoid gaining too many pounds after the holidays, it is better not to struggle. You are hungry ? Eat! But not just anything. Turn to cottage cheese and muesli, fruit and green tea. You can also add scrambled eggs, rindless and defatted white ham or a piece of light cheese in bread. Proteins have a strong satiating power. And if you fall for a fast food, do not feel guilty… You will have time to restore the food balance during your next meals.

The role of lack of sleep

The dinner was copious, you danced all evening, and you get up at dawn. It’s difficult because the fatigue is felt, but, even more surprising, you already have this feeling of hunger which tugs at you when you ate the dessert only a few hours ago! This small night and this sleep which was not at all restorative are the direct cause. Indeed, a lack of sleep disrupts the production of hormones. It notably increases the production of ghrelin, the hormone responsible for hunger. Thus, after a night of partying and a big meal, it is best to allow yourself a good night’s sleep. Immerse yourself in the dark, turn off the alarm clocks and sleep!

alcohol makes you hungry

The evening was very drunk. When you wake up, you have a hangover, a headache and, from breakfast, you are hungry! You are surprised because, to compensate for the alcoholic drinks, you have taken particular care to eat well. And the meal was very filling! There is a simple explanation for this phenomenon. Strong alcohols and sugary drinks cause a rise in blood sugar (blood sugar). After this peak in blood sugar, we observe, logically, a descent… and this is where the end is felt. In addition, alcohol dehydrates, which tires the body and requires energy. The calories burned to stay awake will have to be absorbed the next morning to compensate for the loss. To avoid dehydration, drink plenty of water throughout the evening.

We offer you other tips if you always say to yourself “after the holidays, I am often hungry, what to do?”.

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