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Dissociative Identity Disorder: 4 Symptoms That Tell You Have Multiple Personalities (1/6)


A person who suffers from multiple personality disorders has different visible symptoms. In psychology, emotional or cognitive dissociation is a defense mechanism against trauma. To protect themselves, the person diagnosed with DID distances themselves from their emotions that are too difficult to face. It’s like a short-circuiting of the brain, it disconnects from its environment, from its identity, from its feelings: the amygdala is extinguished.

She is only physically present! Linked to post-traumatic stress, this depersonalization gives the impression of seeing oneself from the outside. Are you often a victim of this estrangement from reality? Daydreaming happens to everyone, but if these episodes are too numerous and amplified, consult a doctor so that your dissociation can be taken care of by a health professional.

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