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Scorpio – Your weekly horoscope from November 7 to 13, 2022


The full moon in Taurus conjunct Uranus will have a strong impact that will mark the whole week. With Mercury, Venus, and the Sun in your sign, you’ll want to give it your all to achieve your goals. The presence of Uranus during the full moon evokes unforeseen events. It’s simple, you can plan things as much as you want, there are events that you don’t control and that doesn’t make you an irresponsible person. If you have given your trust to someone who disappoints you, remember that you have acted from the heart and that karma does not forget anyone. In no case will revenge and impulsiveness help you this week. Take advantage of the Moon in Cancer to spend time with the people who hold you high in their hearts.

Watchword of the week: Realism
Day of the week: Saturday

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