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That’s why you absolutely have to take a real lunch break at work!


Whether you’re telecommuting or in an office, you don’t always take the time to take a real break at lunchtime. Between appointments that follow one another and fear of not finishing your workload on time, it is clear that the duration of the lunch break is often reduced to a trickle. However, taking a real lunch break on a daily basis is positive in many aspects that we are now going to reveal to you.

The duration of the lunch break

To date, no law defines a precise break time so that the employee can take his lunch. It is only stipulated that, following a working period of 6 hours, the employee must take at least 20 consecutive minutes of break. However, some companies have agreements that specify the exact duration of the lunch break. This can thus vary from 30 minutes, the time needed to feel the feeling of satiety, to two hours depending on the situation.

A real break to better concentrate

Many believe that leaving their desk for lunch break will distract them from concentration and make it more difficult for them to return to work. But be aware that the effect obtained by a real break at mealtime will be totally opposite. Indeed, taking the time to take a real break at mealtime will allow your brain to benefit from a real break, which will make it all the more productive later on. You will then return fresh and ready to your workstation, in better shape to tackle the afternoon’s work. Know that a few small breaks of about ten minutes each every two hours taken throughout the day also have a very positive effect on productivity.

A lunch break to fill up on light


Natural light is often lacking in offices and other workspaces. Vitamin D is essential for our well-being and our good mood. Take advantage of the lunch break to fill up on natural light and enjoy the rays of the sun. Getting some fresh air will allow you to fill up on vitamin D but also to breathe and change scenery: a burst of positive effects to then resume work with renewed energy.

Take a break to reduce stress

Work is often synonymous with stress. But it ends up acting as an inhibitor and slowing down our productivity at work. Taking the time to get off work during the lunch break will allow you to change your surroundings and therefore reduce this feeling of stress. You will be able to take advantage of it to have lunch with colleagues or friends and thus enjoy a convivial and sharing moment, or eat alone if you prefer to remain calm. Also favor a balanced meal, eating slowly, which will allow you to fill up with vitamins and energy. In any case, do your best to eat outside of your workplace. If you can’t, walk around the neighborhood after your meal to get some fresh air, reduce stress, and come back after this downtime as relaxed as you are rested.

Circulate the blood during the lunch break


Who says working day often says static day, especially if you spend your time sitting behind a desk. However, this position ends up slowing blood circulation, which can in the long run lead to cardiovascular disease and stiffen your muscles. Fatigue and low energy are then at the rendezvous. In order to avoid this kind of problem, take advantage of the lunch break to get up from your chair. Walking even to get home, to a bakery or to the canteen will allow you to loosen your muscles and revive your blood circulation. If you are a sports fan, you can also take advantage of this break time to do a few lengths of swimming pool or to put on your sneakers to run. Follow your desires in this area, but above all remember to move to free yourself from the tensions linked to your work posture and then benefit from better energy and greater productivity.

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