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Jennifer Aniston poses in a high-cut bikini on the cover of a magazine: the 53-year-old actress delivers a body-positive message


Jennifer Aniston has agreed to pose on the cover of the magazine’s new issue pace. During the interview with the media, the 53-year-old actress delivered a guilt-free message about the passage of time.

Posing in a bikini

At 53, Jennifer Aniston feels good in her head and in her body, and she proves it! The actress agreed to pose almost topless, wearing a very high-cut bikini, on the front page of the American magazine pace. A cover that perfectly illustrates the comments she made during the interview with the media.

“I feel better about myself today, better than I ever felt in my 20s and 30s even, my 40s. We had to stop putting ourselves down. One day we will go to 65 and find that we were magnificent at 53. she said.

body positive message

The Star of Friends has therefore agreed to get naked for the magazine, multiplying the clichés that are both glamorous and sexy. In one of the photos, the actress reveals her toned and muscular body. On another, she appears with extensions for ultra long hair that hide her chest. To fall !

The actress, who delivers a body-positive message about the passage of time, also took advantage of the interview to re-establish the truth about her story with Brad Pitt. If the two stars separated in 2005, it was because the actress did not want to give the actor a child. By revealing her infertility, Jennifer Aniston multiplies the uninhibited words that are good to hear!

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