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Here’s the reason why your libido explodes as Christmas approaches


As the holidays approach, do you find yourself wanting to celebrate love as soon as you can? Can’t believe your libido is skyrocketing? Look no further, there is a scientific explanation for this surprising phenomenon! Discovered by researchers at Indiana University in 2017, this quest for sexual fulfillment is the result of collective influence. Curious to learn more? Fork & Bikini explains everything!

A phenomenon analyzed by Research

It was in 2017 that five researchers from Indiana University embarked on a sacred objective: to discover if our libido is influenced by collective and cultural tendencies. To achieve their goal, the researchers compared an incalculable number of data, ranging from Internet searches including the word “sex”, to the number of actual births 9 months after the Christmas holidays. They also analyzed Twitter posts and comments, as well as Google trends. In short, a titanic job, which has borne fruit, since the research team has demonstrated a link between our sexual cycles and certain cultural events. More specifically, this study proves that in countries that traditionally celebrate Christmas, we want to make love more during the holiday season. Results that may seem surprising, but that can be explained in several ways!

A period of general euphoria

Even though the Christmas holidays are a time charged with electricity in the air, they are mainly intended to have fun. Loved ones, good meals, and especially vacations, are a time when the stress of daily routine can be put aside. And this climax of sex on vacation is not specific to the Christmas period. This is a very common effect: having removed the stress, spouses are generally more excited on vacation.

The relationship between sex and family reunions

But to this positive effect of “no stress” is also added a dimension specific to Christmas: we are on vacation, we celebrate and we spend time together in joy. For psychologist Laurie Mintz, it’s this time together that evokes very specific feelings of closeness and connection…and makes you want to celebrate love! In our minds, positive associations are created between the end of the year celebrations and the desire to find ourselves sexually. A period of euphoria that gives naughty ideas! For some people, returning to the family is also synonymous with reproduction and inspires the idea of ​​founding or expanding one’s own family.

Feel connected to loved one

But if this increase in libido is so general, it is because it also concerns people for whom Christmas is not easy. Emotionally charged, this holiday brings a lot back to family issues and tensions. We can feel distant, disconnected, even unloved. An element that can also have a positive impact on your sex life, since it highlights the love chosen and shared with your partner. This bond is then glorified and particularly invested, because it counterbalances with the difficulties felt in his family. Within the couple, this connection explains a very strong desire to find themselves in the delightful setting of marital intimacy!

On the contrary, do you lack libido? Do you feel like it only goes down as your relationship progresses? It’s not inevitable, there are many solutions to succeed in reviving your sex life… starting with eating foods that boost your libido!

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