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Thomas Da Costa eliminated from Dancing with the stars: the actor finally comes out of silence a few hours before the final


Almost a week after his elimination in the semi-final of Dance with the stars, Thomas Da Costa came out of silence on his Instagram account. The actor, who fought alongside dancer Elsa Bois on the floor, took the opportunity to take stock of his adventure.

Grand Final

The final of Dance with the starsseason 12, it’s tonight, this Friday, November 11, 2022, on TF1 ! Who of Stéphane Legar, Billy Crawford and Carla Lazzari will win the competition? Answers in a few hours…

If there is one celebrity who has no regrets about his adventure, it’s Thomas Da Costa. Eliminated during the semi-final of the show, on November 4, the actor who fought alongside dancer Elsa Bois on the floor, took advantage of his social networks this Thursday, November 10 to take stock of his adventure.

come out of the silence

“I took a few days to land…Wow. It’s crazy what we’ve all been through together. So proud to leave this floor on this contemporary, such a special dance for me. We come out of this incredible adventure with our heads held high. I learned a lot, I discovered myself more and I came out of it deeply transformed” he said before warmly thanking his dance partner, Elsa Bois.

“August 26, 2022, first day of training. I was still a stressed little guy, unable to put one foot in front of the other (and had the flexibility of a chair). To my coach: Thank you. Thank you for never having stopped believing in it. Thank you for helping me push my limits. Thanks to you, I grew humanly and artistically. To my friend: Bravo for your legendary patience. Thanks for the giggles. Thank you for supporting my style of dress in training. Work on your diction please » he added.

Enough to silence the gossips that have dogged the actor throughout the season!

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