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Capricorn – Your weekly horoscope from November 14 to 20, 2022


With the Moon in Leo at the start of the week, you could have the soul of one. e competitor.rice. Do not hesitate to challenge yourself and take up all the challenges that come your way. The moon will then be in Virgo on November 17 and 18, which should be beneficial in your professional life. Accompanied by the entry of Venus (the 16th) and Mercury (the 17th) into Sagittarius, you will have carte blanche to impose new ideas and, why not, save a lot of time. You can’t keep putting enormous pressure on yourself and carrying everything on your shoulders. The sun ends its course in the sign of Scorpio, which suggests a possible relaxation, especially during the weekend. Stop acting like you have to keep proving you’re legit.

Watchword of the week: Self-confidence

Day of the week: Thursday

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