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10 hair accessories for a chic evening


Having a pretty hairstyle is good, but accessorizing it is better. Tonight, we have an appointment at a fancy party. To be ready to go out, here are 10 accessories that will not let you go unnoticed!

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1. We love… the hair vine

The hair vine offers a bohemian look to any hairstyle! You can wear it with a braid to accentuate its romantic side.

Or with a bun, if you want more chic than bohemian!

We wear it with flowers, pearls, but above all with rhinestones!

2. We love… the black ribbon

Whether silk, velvet, or cotton, the black ribbon in the hair is really chic!

It can be used as a headband… Worn with a bun, it is even more visible and more decorative thanks to a pretty knot.

You can also use it to tie your hair, so it’s much more flashy than an elastic.

3. We love… the bow tie barrette

With this barrette we play the student or even the child woman. It is simply placed on one side of the hair to clear the face. We choose a material like leather which makes the knot more chic.


You can do even better by placing the barrette at the back of the head to highlight your high bun. We allow ourselves all the patterns as long as they match our outfit!

4. We love… the pompom elastic

Much more chic than a simple elastic, it perfectly accessorizes a high ponytail (and rounded at the front). Wear it with slim black pants, a chiffon blouse, a long cardigan, and pumps with (or without) pompom(s). A real casual chic outfit!

5. We love… the headband with golden leaves

The headband easily transforms any simple hairstyle into a party hairstyle. We choose it golden, but delicate like this one with pretty leaves. It is worn with a black dress and some golden jewelry. Thanks to him, we stay glam’ without overdoing it!

6. We love… roses to slip into your bun

These pretty roses give romance to any hairstyle and especially a messy bun. We take the opportunity to wear a dress with light tones (winter should not turn our wardrobe into black!).

7. We love… the headband of the 20s

A headband with rhinestones, flowers, or pearls, for a Roaring Twenties look. We place it on the edge of the forehead and we take the opportunity to wear a very sequined outfit… Guaranteed effect!


8. We love… the starry barrette

This big barrette is imposing and original. For once, this accessory is different and allows you to clear your face with the help of a whole constellation!

9. We love… pins with pearls

To delicately decorate her hair, we have a few pins with white pearls in her hairstyle. It’s elegant and so easy to place!

10. We love… ponytail jewelry

This ponytail necklace turns any woman into Cleopatra! There are some for all lengths and in different shapes, we do not hesitate to try with shorter hair. With long hair, we start with a high ponytail.

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