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Chic and easy hairstyles: our ideas for the holidays


It’s not easy to find a hairstyle that’s easy to achieve and that goes perfectly with that chic dress you just bought… Yet this year, you promised yourself to have your hair done well for the holidays… Don’t panic , Fourchette et Bikini has found lots of ideas to help you look beautiful in 5 minutes (or almost)!

Find all our tips for having a good holiday.

Chic and easy hairstyles for long hair

The low ponytail…

What we love about this ponytail is how the elastic is hidden. To achieve the same result, we first pass the straightening iron throughout his mane and then we make a ponytail. Fast and so chic!


The hairstyle in the shape of a rose…

It’s not every day that we have the opportunity to have a rose in our hair! This super original hairstyle and made using braid will go perfectly with a pretty pink and soft makeup.

Half ponytail…

The Brigitte Bardot half ponytail (i.e. rounded at the front) is perfect for long hair. Practical, it is even more chic with a black silk ribbon.

Wavy hair quickly…

We sometimes hesitate to go out with pretty curls because it can take time. We’ve found a great trick to help you style your hair easily. We add a nice accessory and we are ready to go out!


The banana bun like no other…

We love the original banana bun since it continues on a low ponytail. Easy and rare, we love it!


Chic and easy hairstyles for medium length hair

The low bun…

This bun holds much better when the hair is not too long. A simple, all-purpose hairstyle.


The low bun…

A little more original than the low bun, it is just as easy to achieve and will not go unnoticed.

Half ponytail…

The half ponytail is worn more and more. It must be very high, and to be even more chic the front must be slightly curved. We add a pretty ribbon, and voila!

The pretty braided crown…

We adopt the braided crown, easy and perfect to be a princess during the holidays.

The sexy disheveled…

What we love about this triple braided bun is its disheveled side. Because we know it well, the messy is the new sexy!

Chic and easy hairstyles for short hair

Short and retro…

We wave her hair with big curls and a parting on the side to create a nice retro look. This cut is perfect for curling iron pros!


The fake wet

Great for very short hair. We buy a wet effect gel and with a comb we smooth all our hair. This hairstyle will look great with a “boyish chic” outfit.

The plaited braid…

Even with very short hair, anything is (almost) possible!

A chic hairstyle which consists of two flat braids and which will charm all the more those who thought they had no possibility!

Half ponytail…

Finally a pretty half ponytail slightly disheveled, which is perfect for a chic but intimate evening.

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The banana bun…

We love the banana bun placed on top of the head. It’s true it will take you more than 5 minutes but we couldn’t resist!


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