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How to succeed in moderation during the holidays if you are on a diet?


We are approaching the holidays. New Year’s Eve on December 24, Christmas, New Year’s Day… the days follow one another and so do the meals! When you are on a diet, the temptation is at its maximum and weight gain awaits. So as not to deprive yourself, Fourchette & bikini helps you to moderate yourself. How ? Follow us in this article, we explain everything to you!

The aperitif: a real ambush!

It all starts with a glass of champagne, mulled wine and a few petit fours… From the start of the evening, thealcohol flows freely and the buffet is already well stocked. Toasts, canapés, verrines, but also aperitif cakes and foie gras lollipops, it must be admitted, there are few vegetables and healthy products. As a guest, you’ll have to make do with what’s on offer if you stick to your plan. First of all, you can bite into an apple, eat an egg or swallow a few spoonfuls of fromage blanc before leaving, so as not to arrive with a completely empty stomach. It will be easier to give up devouring the entire buffet. To quench your thirst, avoid chaining glasses of alcohol. Abuse is not good for your health or your waistline. We tell you more in the article “stopping alcohol to lose weight: a good idea?”. Avoid hard liquor and overly sweet cocktails. Prefer one diet soda. If you still want to toast with a glass of alcohol, choose wine, champagne or beer. These are the lowest calorie alcohols. Alternate with many glasses of water. Also at the table, also limit your alcohol consumption in favor of water. It will not make your evening less festive and you will even be able to enjoy it more and without any regrets! To treat yourself to good things to snack on, don’t forbid yourself smoked salmon toast or foie gras, but take it easy by alternating with vegetable verrines or spoonfuls and light bites. Save some space for the rest of the meal.

If you receive or if the choice is vast, we help you with this article: what to eat at the aperitif when you are on a diet, so that it is greedy?

Moderate yourself during the meal

It is not uncommon during the holiday season to accumulate dishes. Several starters, dishes rich in cream, butter or stuffing. Be satisfied witha starter and a main course. Don’t spare yourself, even if we invite you to “finish, because we’re not going to leave that”! Prefer them vegetables with starches if you have the choice and do not overload your plate with sauce. If several starters or dishes are offered to you, prefer seafood, fish as well as poultry and rabbit because these are the lowest calorie dishes.

The last straight line: manage the dessert!

You haven’t made any mistakes so far, but there’s still dessert. 13 desserts, pastry log, cakes, fruit… without forgetting some sweets and chocolates. How to resist ? To close the holiday meals, it is often recipes rich in fat that are chosen. If the dessert is unique, settle for a small portion of log. It is better to give in to temptation than to leave frustrated. On the other hand, if several desserts are offered to you, choose the one or those based on fruit or sorbet. You can also bite into a clementine and some dried fruit, but be light-handed. Almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts are good for your health, but will be caloric if consumed in excess. To think about something else, chat or go dancing! Moving will remain a wonderful way to burn off some of the accumulated calories.

And after ?

Moderating yourself during the holidays also means paying attention to your diet throughout the day. From breakfast to dinner, it’s now or never to adopt a healthy and balanced diet. Consume many seasonal fruits and vegetables for their vitamin and mineral intake, and opt for fiber-rich foods such as whole grains. Since you don’t have to eat meat at every meal, this holiday season can be an opportunity to try delicious vegetarian recipes.

When the holiday season is over, why not start a detox cure ? Green tea, apples, healthy foods… The goal is not so much to lose weight, but above all to find an inner balance.

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