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Léa (Star Academy): facing Kendji Girac, she confides in her weight problems


On November 10, Kendji Girac came to visit the students of the star Academy to give them his best advice. Faced with the singer, Léa admitted to having gained ten kilos since the beginning of the adventure…

Weight gain

“I must have gained 9 kilos, even the stylist said so” confessed Léa facing Kendji Girac on Thursday, November 10th. If the singer came to visit the students to give them his best advice, the young woman undoubtedly found in him an understanding shoulder to discuss her weight problems.

Because the artist revealed in The Voice also had problems with his weight. If the singer had managed to lose pounds at the start of the year, for the filming of the TV movie Champion broadcast on TF1he had taken them back after, once the shooting was over!

In an interview he gave to Current wife last May, he mentioned: “To lose weight, I did three, four months of intense sport followed by a dietetic meal. But once the filming was over, I wanted to rest and regain my strength (…) I’m at 80 kg. I regained two small kilos, but I’m careful. During the week, I can indulge myself, I take advantage and afterwards, I calm down a bit on the restaurants (…) When I see that I am a little bit over the top, I pull myself together. I do a lot of sports too, boxing and crossfit..


If Léa has gained weight since the start of the star Academyshe knows the reason. “As we don’t have our family, we lack emotions, loved ones, real sincerity. All that is great, but sometimes you need to call your mother (…) But you can’t do that, so you don’t evacuate, so you take everything (what there is to eat) » she tried to explain. Explanations that surely spoke to the interpreter of Baila.

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