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What New Year hairstyle according to my hair type?


Yes it’s true for the New Year, we all want to wear the hairstyle that makes us dream. However, the ideal hairstyle is above all the one that matches the shape of the face and our hair type. How many times do we make a hairstyle according to a tutorial and see that the result on our head is not the same? It’s normal ! A hairstyle for curly hair will not necessarily be suitable for fine and very straight hair (sometimes it is, but not always).

This year for the New Year, we choose our hairstyle intelligently and according to our hair type! Here are our tips and ideas…

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I have thin hair !

Who says fine hair, says flat hair… When choosing our New Year’s hairstyle, we try not to let go, but rather to find an alternative to the lack of volume. If you absolutely want to leave them loose and natural, it is best to blow-dry with a hairbrush, emphasizing the roots to give them consistency.

Ideally, we choose a ponytail type hairstyle where the hair must be very straight… The sophisticated ponytail is perfect for an evening!

If you don’t like ponytails, the same effect is possible with a low bun.

For fine and short hair, we break the raplapla side with braids flattened on the sides.

I have thick hair!

Thick hair can do almost anything, but when not properly styled it can swell and rebel. They then take up a lot of space and hide the face. We will therefore try to raise (at least a little) the hair. Before combing your hair, blow dry your hair so that the hair is easier to handle.

We take advantage of our natural thickness to wear hairstyles that want to be disheveled; or for braided hairstyles (which look better on thick hair).

We love the fishtail braid on the side which is very bohemian.

We also allow ourselves the tousled ponytail which is only charming thanks to its thickness!

Short and thick hair also has the option of doing a braid on the side to clear the face. Then just make a wavy effect or leave them natural.

I have wavy hair!

We take advantage of her natural curls, and we simply release the face with a pretty braided crown. The plus: the crown braid adapts to all lengths!

And even if your natural curls aren’t perfect, why worry? With your hair up and disheveled, you’ll be just as chic!


I have curly hair!

Curly hair is particularly hard to straighten. So why bother when you can keep them natural? Even before doing your hair, apply a good serum to moisturize them. They are combed using a damp hand or a wide-toothed comb (not a brush). Finally, do not hesitate to use styling products that will help you tame your mane! Once our curls are well tamed, we start…

For short, detached hair, the face is slightly cleared with the help of a ribbon bar or other hair jewelry. We try for example to place all her hair on one side and we place a great accessory on the other. It is your accessory and your naturalness that will give all its charm to this hairstyle.

If you want to lift them up, don’t panic, they are delicately tied at the back with hair clips.


We can also play it natural! With a long line of eyeliner and red lipstick, you’ll make them all fall out (but we favor the hair on one side only, so as not to hide your whole face in its mass of hair).

I have kinky hair !

Before attempting any hairstyle, apply a very nourishing oil to all lengths. To untangle them, use your hands and a wide-toothed comb.

To go out, don’t hesitate to keep your natural afro, a nice lipstick, and voila!

But if you’re just tired of naturalness and want to add a little spice then… We try this sophisticated hairstyle that will tame the hair.

And finally, to keep the hair natural, while clearing the face, we wear the bun on top of the hair.

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