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10 easy party hairstyles for medium length hair


Party hairstyles are beautiful to look at in photos, but often difficult to do without the help of a professional! Even if Pinterest is full of tutorials, it’s not always easy to follow the steps… But don’t worry, to help you, Fourchette et Bikini has found 10 easy party hairstyles for medium-length hair.

Before styling your hair, remember to brush your hair well and apply a serum to hydrate it and make it easier to manage.

1. The low bun

In addition to being one of the timeless ones, the advantage of this low bun is that it is very quick to achieve. Both natural and practical, you can accessorize it with a pretty headband to give it more character. Do not hesitate to let hair fall on both sides of the face to be more bohemian. Either way, it goes great with any outfit!

2. Tied up and curvy hair

With this hairstyle, the hair is slightly raised, and above all curved to create a sophisticated effect. We wave the bottom of the hair to accentuate the romanticism of this holiday hairstyle.

3. The crown braid

We make a very loose African braid just above the face. Then, we wave or smooth her hair (according to our desires of the moment). This is a very bohemian holiday hairstyle!

4. The Glamorous Party Hairstyle

Sometimes there’s nothing more glamorous than leaving your hair down. All the glam will then be in the details… On this hairstyle for example, the hair is only slightly wavy on the bottom. However, the hairstyle is fluid, light, and above all very sexy! We’re getting smoky-eyes to add intensity to our evening look.

5. Rock ponytail

You don’t always want to be a princess. This rock-style hairstyle is a perfect disheveled look. First step, we lightly bomb the front of the hair. Then, we make another ponytail, also curved on the top. We let some hair fall on the sides to accentuate the disheveled effect. This party hairstyle goes perfectly with a rock and punk look.

6. The fake hawk

This hairstyle, half-glamorous, half-rock, is easily adaptable to all hair lengths. It is enough to braid the hair on the front of the head by always adding locks to the braid so that it is partly stuck to the skull. To create the faux hawk effect, you must then fold the hair on both sides under the braid.

In this photo, the rest of the hair is loose to make it easier to do, but you can also braid the whole hair.

7. The braided bun

The braided bun is a little more sophisticated than the simple low bun, but just as easy to achieve. Just make two braids and wrap them together. A hairstyle that is chic and especially last minute. You can also let some hair fall in the front and thus create a fuzzier bun to accentuate its romanticism.


8. The raised and braided hairstyle

This hairstyle is particularly original thanks to the braid that twists in the hair. The braids should start just above the two ears (one on each side). Then, you have to twist two strands of hair that you will tie together with a small transparent elastic. To finish, just wrap the braid around our hair.

9. The shiny headband

We can never say it enough, you have to take advantage of the holidays to bring out your most beautiful accessories! With this hairstyle, the headband is more than a jewel, it clears your face and adds bling to your hair!

10. A starry party hairstyle

Also in the range of hairstyles with accessories, you can go out with a very simple hairstyle, but create a look with jewelry. With loose, straightened or straightened hair, for example, you can put on a barrette or a star-shaped headband. We love the look with little stars to place on one side of your hair. Magical effect guaranteed!

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