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Holiday hairstyle: what style to adopt?


For the holidays, are you looking for a particular style? From retro style to boho style, including Star Wars style… we found lots of ideas!

But before starting your hairstyle, don’t forget to wash your hair by applying a serum. As soon as they are dry, they are brushed well to remove all the knots. Once they are ready to be styled, we follow the instructions… You will see it’s easy!

Find all our hairdressing tips.

20’s style

We love the 20s style: short or raised hair, with beautiful wavy locks. The hairstyle always consists of a pretty headband which is shiny, made up of pearls, or even feathers.
– With long or mid-length hair, we place a headband on the forehead leaving a thick and wavy lock around our face. Then we go up the rest of the hair by placing it in the headband.
– With short hair, simply place the headband on the forehead and create beautiful waves.

The Brigitte Bardot style

The Bardot style is very characteristic of the hairstyles of the 60s. We start this hairstyle by smoothing the front of the hair on about 5 centimeters (keeping a natural look). Then, we make a ball by crimping the hair, then we smooth them on the surface to give a nice shape to our shell. It is thought to tie the hair well at the back. Finally, we arrange the locks that surround the face according to his taste. The final touch: apply a mascara that lengthens the eyelashes and perfectly completes the glamorous look!

rock style

Rock’n’roll has particularly influenced the worlds of fashion and beauty. You will love the totally unstructured style that reminds us of Elvis, but more feminine. We start by separating the hair into three parts (the middle one being thicker). We braid the hair on both sides of the head starting from the temple. We use the hair left in the middle to create volume with a kind of banana bun. This hairstyle requires good control of her hair, but once you get the hang of it, it will be easy to achieve!

tomboy style

The tomboy style is not only worn with short hair. Whatever the length of your hair, just flatten the hair with a gel. For more style, they are flattened a little more on the sides than on the top of the skull (you can hold them at the back with hair clips). To keep the boyish style, wear tailored pants with very high-heeled pumps that will add a touch of femininity to this look.

princess style

The face is clear thanks to the twisted locks on the sides and delicately tied with a pretty silk or velvet ribbon. This hairstyle goes perfectly with an A-line and chic dress.


The bohemian style

Bohemian hairstyles are meant to be detached, a little fuzzy, and full of romance. Hair is often braided when talking about boho hairstyle. For this hairstyle, easy to achieve, just make a slightly disheveled bun, and add a braid on the side. Accessorize with a floral headband.

Star Wars style

Since the last Star Wars, we almost all wanted to test Rey’s haircut (Leila’s daughter). Don’t worry, it’s easier to make than it looks! We start by making 3 ponytails in a vertical line. Then we take the end of each of the ponytails and pass them through the elastic. On the aesthetic side, to hide the elastic, we wrap a wick around it. All that’s missing is the lightsaber and you’re ready to go!

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