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Iris Mittenaere with short, curly hair: the former Miss France changes her look and she is sublime!


No more long brown hair! Iris Mittenaere appeared this weekend completely transformed, with a short and curly haircut! A hair look that suits her perfectly, but which has divided her followers…

New haircut

This Sunday, November 13, 2022, Iris Mittenaere surprised her followers by sharing a video in which she reveals a new haircut! No more long brown hair, the former Miss France and Miss Universe opted for a short curly ball cut that suits her perfectly!

A totally incredible hair transformation that the former beauty queen seems to take pleasure in revealing to her community. ” Which (you prefer) ? 1, 2 or 3” she wrote in the caption of her post. The first video shows Iris Mittenaere with long hair as we know her. The second, with short curly hair, the third, with straight bob hair.

Mixed reviews

If Iris Mittenaere has fun changing her head regularly by wearing wigs – like here – Internet users have been critical of her short, curly hair. “Keep your hair long”, “All the stars adopt the second and I don’t find it beautiful”, “3 superb but especially not the 2”, “Especially not the 2 on the other hand”, they wrote in particular. Other Internet users, however, approved the new haircut of the pretty brunette. “Curly hair the 2”, “Oooh!!! I love short curly hair!!! », “I love 2”can we also read.

But let internet users be reassured, the former beauty queen seems to love her long hair and simply have fun for a day having shorter and/or curly hair.

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