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15 perfect winter recipes with cheese (1/16)


Winter is a good time to prepare comfort food. What better than cheese to feel good? France is known to be the country of cheese. It would have more than 1200 varieties. There is therefore something for all tastes: strong cheeses, softer ones, hard or soft cheeses… The choice is vast! And the recipes for tasting them are just as good. If the cheeses are rather caloric, using skimmed milk, light cream or combining them with vegetables can reduce the total caloric intake.

For a change from the traditional croque-monsieur, try the croque monsieur with reblochon cheese. 100 g of reblochon provide 330 kcal. You can also taste the endives with ham and reblochon cheese. Endives also go well with many cheeses. The endives with Roquefort cheese and smoked duck breast where the endives au gratin with mountain tomme and ham, white wine sauce will delight you. Tomme de Savoie has 361 kcal per 100 g while Roquefort provides 369. Moreover, if you like this cheese, try the Pumpkin Stuffed with Salmon and Roquefort. This complete dish is perfectly adapted to the cold of winter. Maroilles (348 kcal per 100 g) is also an emblematic cheese and you can taste it in a rustic pie. You will also enjoy savoring a country quiche with munster and bacon. This cheese, which provides 368 kcal per 100 g, is also perfect with potatoes as in this recipe from potatoes stuffed with ham and munster. Beaufort and Comté (between 380 and 400 kcal per 100 g) are hard cheeses perfect for many preparations. So test the county vegetable pancakesthe cauliflower gratin parsley with Comté cheese or even the Savoyard light potato gratin with Beaufort cheese. Finally, what would winter be without raclettes, fondues and tartiflettes? To change a little from the usual recipes, discover the carrot tartiflette (which will provide only 196 kcal per serving), the raclette cheese lasagnathe Swiss fondue a little light with Gruyère cheese and Vacherin cheese or even the raclette stuffed potatoes.

If you love cheese and these 15 recipes are not enough to satisfy you, also find our 15 light recipes for cheese addicts.

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