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6 ideas for zero waste Christmas gift wrapping (1/8)


Do you know the concept of Furoshiki? Straight from Japan, it’s about making gift wraps using pieces of fabric. In order to push the ecological sense of this trend to the maximum, prefer to use organic cotton fabrics to wrap your Christmas gifts. The advantage of the Furoshiki is that it allows you to hide the gifts perfectly from the eyes of curious little ones. To do this, you can use a square of fabric that you no longer use but which is in good condition, or choose a pretty scarf or a decorated tea towel that the person for whom the gift is intended can use later. To close the package, simply tie the piece of fabric. You will find on the internet as well as in books dedicated to this practice various techniques to achieve more elaborate packaging. The purpose of Furoshiki is that the piece of fabric, unlike gift wrap that ends up in the trash, is then reused later to wrap a new gift.

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