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An accelerating global decline in male fertility


Male fertility is declining all over the world, shows an international study published in November 2022 in the journal Human Reproduction Update.

The study also shows that the decline in sperm counts in North America, Europe and Australia, reported by this team in 2017, has continued and even accelerated.

Hagai Levine (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Shanna Swan (Mount-Sinai in New York), and their colleagues analyzed the results of more than a hundred studies with data from 53 countries in Europe, North America , South and Central, Asia and Africa.

Over 46 years (1973-2018), the average concentration of gametes in semen fell from 101 million per milliliter (M/ml) to 49 M/ml. A level already considered as that of a “subfertile” man, underlines Ms. Swan. France is no exception, specifies Hagai Levine, relayed by The world.

According to the authors, this decline reflects a global crisis related to environmental chemicals and lifestyle.

A study, published in June 2022 in the journal Environment International, prioritized the most suspected substances. “Plastics hold the upper hand by far. Bisphenol A (BPA) and its substitutes (BPS, BPF) are the substances that weigh the most. They are followed by polychlorinated dioxins and other plasticizers (phthalates), certain parabens and paracetamol“, summarized The world.

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