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Life expectancy of people born in 2022 in France


Girls born in 2022 would live on average 93 years and boys 90 years, estimates a study by the French National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (Insee) published in November 2022.

This represents an increase of 37 years compared to girls born in 1900.

As for women and men aged 65 in 2022, they would live to be 89 and 86 on average.

Uncertainty about the average age of death is low for the elderly and increases for the youngest. According to different assumptions, girls born in 2022 would live on average from 88 to 99 years and boys from 86 to 96 years.

Lifespan increases from generation to generation: women born in 1900 lived 56 years on average and men 48 years.

Reaching 65

Among women and men born in 1940, 81% and 69% respectively reached the age of 65. This should be the case for 91% of women and 84% of men born in 1970 and almost all of those born in 2022.

Reaching 85

About 57% of women born in 1940 would be alive at age 85 in 2025. According to different scenarios, this should be the case for 64% to 74% of women born in 1970 and 71% to 91% of women born in 2022 .

For men, only 36% of those born in 1940 would reach the age of 85, while this would be the case for 49% to 61% of those born in 1970, and 68% to 89% of those born in 2022. .

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