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70s fashion: how to follow the seventies trend without making a fashion faux pas?


Ahhhh the 70s. Sequins, sequins, fashy colors, bell bottoms… But not only! This winter, it’s also the return of flower-power, retro prints and high waists! Straight inspired by the hippie movement, we love the colorful and ultra positive 70s trend! So, are you ready? We take stock of the major trends of the 70s that are making their comeback!

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#1 Floral patterns

What would a 70s style outfit be without floral patterns? We have seen them appear everywhere, especially on summer dresses, but not only! Rest assured, even in winter, you can dare flowers and colors. They are the very essence of the seventies style.
We love this pretty blouse, inspired by the 70s. We wear it with high-waisted, fluid pants in a color reminiscent of the pattern and a pretty ribbed jacket ideal for this fall/winter.

#2 The high waist on all your bottoms

Bell bottoms ? Yes, but above all high waisted… and colourful! This look has everything from the 70s and that’s exactly why we love it. Full of pep, these pants will wake up any cloudy day.
To wear a 70’s style, you can clearly wear everything in high waist: pants, shorts, skirt, jeans… Abuse it! In addition, the advantage of high sizes is that they refine your waistline as well as your belly.

#3 Retro prints galore

Retro prints are also an integral part of seventies outfits. Tiles, flowers, various shapes, but above all colorful, there are really no rules. On these beautiful pants as in this inspiration, on a blouse, a jumpsuit or a handbag, retro prints reflect this decade better than anything else.
For an ultra seventies spirit, however, favor warm tones, in browns, oranges, yellows, burgundy, but also deep blue.

#4 Abuse colors!

You will no doubt have noticed it, but colors were omnipresent in this mythical period. No, you don’t have to dress like a rainbow every day, but why not mix different colors like on this inspiration?
Here, the style is very successful, these three pastel colors go well together. Be careful, however, not to exceed three bright shades.
Enjoy giving free rein to your imagination! Want to know which color looks best on your skin tone? Discover our article on the colors to favor according to its colorimetry!

#5 Very feminine thigh-high boots

The waders are another element not to be overlooked if you want to reproduce the clothing style of the seventies! We often think of leather waders, and yet the suede ones represent this era even better.
Why ? Because suede was very popular during this decade. A true symbol of femininity, thigh-high boots go just as well with a little flowery dress and tights as with pants.

#6 Platform shoe

The it-shoes of the 70s are platform shoes. Yes, it’s disco fashion and we love this ultra sharp pair that lengthens the silhouette for our greatest happiness. We forget our traditional boots and replace them with platform shoes. And there’s something for everyone: maxi boots, ankle boots, waders, barefoot, moccasins… The brands offer them endlessly!

#7 the midi skirt or midi dress

For a successful retro look, we fall for the flagship piece of the 70s: the midi skirt or the midi dress. No more long skirts or dresses, it’s the new skirt length to adopt! We wear this length with sneakers to modernize the look or platform sandals to accentuate the seventies side.

#8 the maxi jumpsuit

For a hippie chic side, we abuse the maxi jumpsuits, inspired by the 70s. Very trendy, these outfits have the advantage of stylizing you in the blink of an eye like David Bowie. And because it’s the color trend, we choose our ultra colorful or printed maxi jumpsuit.

#9 Hello Bell Bottoms!

Finally, it is with the famous flared jeans that we end this list! We could not forget it, because it is obvious. And for good reason, it’s kind of the first piece you think of when talking about clothes with a 70s look! Long worn by Yves Saint Laurent, it is making a dizzying comeback this year, and we love it. Worn with a small shirt, a loose or close-fitting sweater, a blouse, long heeled boots or sneakers, it has clearly become a fashion essential and goes with everything!

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