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Évelyne Dhéliat, 75, fan of cosmetic surgery? She answers cash!


The weather presenter celebrated her 75th birthday this Wednesday, April 19, 2023. The opportunity for us to come back to the statements she has already made about cosmetic surgery.

Plastic surgery

Known for her infectious smile and warm benevolence, Évelyne Dhéliat celebrated her 75th birthday on Wednesday April 19, 2023.

The weather presenter, who officiates on TF1 since 1991, shines with beauty. She who displays a fine and slender figure seems to be insensitive to the signs of time on her face. But she has always opposed cosmetic surgery!

Évelyne Dhéliat has never hidden her tips for maintaining her physical shape, while advocating naturalness.


Regarding cosmetic surgery, Évelyne Dhéliat recently declared to TV 7 days : “I don’t have a plastic surgeon. I’ve never done anything retouch and it does not tempt me at all! Botox, injections, scare the crap out of me! I accept myself as I am”.

What about her slimming tips? For TV Major Channels in 2022, the weather presenter revealed: “A lot of people think I exercise all day, but not at all! On the other hand, I walk a lot, I can cross all of Paris. I also walk up the five floors of my house all the time”before adding:

“I have a very balanced diet, but that’s for taste. I love fish, vegetables and fruit. Sauces are not my thing. But I also eat chocolate and, in the canteen, I always take two desserts, which amuses the person who serves us! Afterwards, there is a lot of heredity, my mother was very fine. It’s my nature to be like that”.

That is what is said!

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