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Louane tells the anecdote that made him complex about his weight


It was during an exchange with the youtubeuse louise Aubery that Louane returned to the day that changed her life. From a carefree young girl, she transitioned into the world of a teenager prone to eating disorders. She tells :

“I’m twelve years old, I’m in front of the schoolyard I went to, in front of my college, and I’m jumping, I’m jumping in the air because I’m happy, and my t-shirt is going up on my belly. So you have to imagine that I am a “normal” little girl. I will withdraw this word, because all people are normal, all bodies are normal and all bodies are perfect. But I’m neither considered a fat person nor a skinny person.. I happen to have a bit of a stomach on the other hand, which is actually not my problem because I’m 12 years old. And that at 12, I have other things to do than look at myself in the mirror. And there, there are boys, who are in ninth grade, so I’m 12 so I’m in ninth grade. He sees my belly and they laugh at me, and they call me “ball of fat”. And from there, it’s over in my life. I start hating the relationship I have with my body. So.

And today I am 26 years old, I move forward as I can with that. Because in real life these 3 guys, they don’t know it, but they broke me in two that day. “…” And you find yourself at 26, taking stock of life and saying to yourself, “ok, when in my life have I eaten, just to eat without, nor feeling guilty, nor thinking? … Honestly never. Never since I was 12. Is it awful or not? Honestly, it’s horrible, it sucks”… “I still have the feeling that I’ve done quite well… That I’ve been on the right side for a few years, but you’re panicking. And when you come back to the source, you tell yourself that it was 3 14-year-old boloss who started this thing. You say to yourself oh yes…” “ Even the periods when I was the thinnest in my life I said to myself “I have to lose weight »

A harmless sentence for these children who left indelible marks on his mental health.

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