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What is the behavior of a man who wants to break up?


Over time, the passion of the beginnings gives way to a healthier and more balanced relationship. Finally, the couple loves each other, but the two partners enter into a routine and a daily life which can sometimes distance them from each other. Even if no longer being close is a normal attitude after several months or years as a couple, certain signs can predict a desire to leave the other. What is the behavior of a man who wants to break up? We tell you everything!

Behavior of a man who wants to break up: the signs

A man with the attention to break presents signs who do not deceive and who should alert you. Yes, a partner who is no longer in love, it shows. Generally, the Changing behaviour of the male sex with their girlfriend does not bode well.

Do you suspect your companion of no longer loving you? Observe his attitude! Is he always considerate with you? Do you have the feeling that he puts a physical and emotional distance between you ? Do you share moments of complicity? The answers to these questions will guide you!

Recognize a man who wants to leave you: he no longer has tender gestures towards you

THE tender gestures are part of the proofs of love in a couple. Their absences allow you to recognize a man who wants to leave you. Even if everyone does not appreciate emotional demonstrations, a gesture is always a pleasure. If the man you are in a relationship with becomes suddenly cold and distant, it is possible that his feelings towards you have changed. He stopped sitting next to you on the couch? He no longer takes your arms? You no longer have sex? Visibly, he wants to impose a physical distance between you.


Sign that he wants to end the relationship: he no longer gives news

Whether you live together or not, a man in love shares his daily life. If your companion don’t give you any more news, this means that he no longer wishes to discuss and tell you about his life. He doesn’t talk to you about his day anymore? Does he show signs of boredom when you engage in discussion? Does he no longer contact you by phone? I’lack of communication often indicates a weariness from one who remains silent. Not trading anymore is a sign that he wants end the relationship.

Identify a partner who no longer loves us: he criticizes you

Identifying a partner who no longer loves us is not difficult! When we are in love, we put the person we love on a pedestal. So if, on the contrary, your companion suddenly begins to criticizeit means thathe doesn’t love you anymore. You find that it is unpleasant with you ? Does he multiply negative remarks? You have thefeeling like you’re not good enough for him anymore ? Ask him clearly his purpose and ask yourself about his nature, because you may be dealing with a narcissistic pervert.


Attitude of a partner who wants to end the relationship: he no longer wants to spend time with you

A couple is two people. Everyone can carry out their activities and see their group of friends, but there is no question of standing apart! A man who never invite his girlfriend going out with him is not a good sign. He doesn’t ask you to go over together anymore? He refuses all your proposals for outings as a couple? Her leak testifies to his desire to stop seeing you.

He wants to separate: he causes arguments

All couples argue, but never for nothing. A person who seeks conflict to one goal: to get away from the one with whom she will argue! If you can’t communicate anymore with your partner, ask yourself where the quarrels come from. Does he get on your nerves for trivialities? Do disputes occur frequently? If he wants to separate, but does not find the courage, he uses his altercations For push you over the edge And cause the rupture.

behavior-man-breaking-up disputes

He wants to end the relationship: you are no longer part of his plans

The couple allows two to evolve in life. After a few months or a year, the two partners move forward together and carry out joint projects. Moving in, real estate chat, children, a man who loves you will project himself with you. On the other hand, if your companion has new prioritieshe probably wants stop the relationship. Does he make promises he doesn’t keep? Does he make his decisions alone? Unfortunately, this man doesn’t see his future with you.

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